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Appendix Six
The concept of a Judeo-Christian tradition flows from the Christian theology of supersession, whereby the Christian covenant (or Testament) with God supersedes the Jewish one. Christianity, according to this myth, reforms and replaces Judaism.
Ch. 3 The Mother in Judeo-Christian Theology
Chapter 3 of Motherhood Mythology by Glenys Livingstone “The evangelical has a strong suspicion that the deepest roots of the Marian cult are not to be found in the Christian tradition at all. The religious history of mankind shows a recurring tendency to worship a
Judeo-Christian Demons
Judeo-Christian demons Adramelech The name Adramelech (also Adrammalech) appears in the Old Testament only twice. The first time, he is mentioned as a son of the Assyrian King Sennacharib along with Sharezer, who murdered

“Western Values Are Based on Judeo-Christian Values” …

 · But Judeo-Christian mythology did not create western values. In the opening of his essay on whether religion has contributed to civilization, Bertrand Russell said, “My own view on religion is that of Lucretius. I regard it as a disease born of fear and as a source of
Adam and Eve
 · Adam and Eve, in the Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions, the original human couple, parents of the human race. In the Bible there are two accounts of their creation.According to the Priestly (P) history of the 5th or 6th century bce (Genesis 1:1–2:4), God on the sixth day of Creation created all the living creatures and, “in his own image,” man both “male and female.”
The Snake
JUDEO-CHRISTIAN In Judeo-Christian mythology the Gnosis of Basilisdes related the Ouboros to the solar god Abraxas who signified eternity and the soul of the world. Some Gnostic Christians worshipped the serpent hung on a cross, rod, or Tree of Life, calling it “Christ the Savior.”
Israfil (Judeo-Christian; Raphael): He is in charge of blowing the trumpet to mark the Day of Judgment. Mika’il (Judeo-Christian; Michael): This angel is in charge of rainfall and sustenance. Malak al-Mawt (Judeo-Christian; Azrael and Raguel): This character is …

Creation Myths — Hebrew/Christian Creation Myth

Hebrew/Christian Creation Myth Genesis 1-3 (New International Version) Genesis 1 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
The Mythology Of Mortal Kombat Explained
dimensional barriers. Though this mention of the furies is likely a nod to ancient Greek mythology, Lucifer — the one of Judeo-Christian theology — canonically presided over Netherrealm
Christian Mythology
1 Christian mythology 1.1 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 1.2 Contents 1.3 [edit] In canonical scripture 1.4 [edit] In non-canonical tradition 1.5 [edit] Important examples of Christian mythology 1.5.1 [edit] The Christian mythological history 1.5.2 [edit] Other
How Three Artists Are Exploring Mythology and Race
 · Many of the world’s most recognizable and influential stories come from Western culture — classical mythology, Norse mythology, Judeo-Christian narratives — and the majority of them
To cite but one example, most of my readers will no doubt be familiar with the famous words of the first chapter of Genesis, which describe the state of the universe prior to the intervention of Elohim in Judeo-Christian mythology: “And the earth was without form

Judeo-Christian God/Allah in Fgo : grandorder

I sure want more Islamic servants out of history and mythology in FGO, but actually I don’t think they will. Islam is not “common knowledge” in Japan. Catholicism in Japan is sort of an exotic religion there. At least they recognize the very basic idea of Christianity.

Dwarves in Norse Mythology

Instead, it was added by later writers who had been introduced to Judeo-Christian concepts of angels and demons. The dark elves, or dwarves, came to be seen as aligned with evil because of this. Living below ground, particularly with the hot forges associated with metalsmithing, they were seen as demonic in comparison to the near-godly elves.

The Genesis of “Judeo-Christian Morality”: On the Origin …

33The Nietzschean critique of the sacerdotal Judeo-Christian mind could not have been more warmly welcomed than in the French positivist school of the 1880s and 1890s, which exerted all its forces in the effort to repel the clerical enemy, forcing the clerics to stop interfering in the affairs of the city, and subsequently making sure that republican and secular schools be operated according
Judeo-Christian Legend Submitted Surnames
A list of submitted surnames in which the usage is Judeo-Christian Legend. Pattern the letters in the pattern are compared to the letters in the name * is a wildcard that matches zero or more letters example: *oo* matches names which contain oo _ is a wildcard that matches exactly one letter