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但如果醫生對此了解不多,須給予另一個代碼表示引起此損傷之 外傷原因代碼(E-code)。• 分為骨折(Fracture),常常會認 …
,下面是搜索中做的筆記,Κακώσεις Lisfranc (Κάταγμα / Διάστρεμμα) - Dr Παναγιώτης Συμεωνίδης

微型鋼板結合克氏針固定治療 Lisfranc 損傷-維普期刊 中 …

Methods From March 2010 to March 2013,22 patients with Lisfranc injury were treated,including 15 male cases and 7 female cases,and their age was from 23 – 62,with an average of 39. 8 years old. The injury causes including traffic accident in 8 cases,high falling in 5 cases,heavy parts in 3 cases,and sport injury in 6 cases.
 · PDF 檔案概論 • 損傷及中毒之診斷代碼( 800 ~ 999 ),損傷(Injury),
懷疑自己被漏診lisfranc損傷,1~4跖骨近端(即遠離腳趾而靠近腳跟的一段)的骨折,後遺癥(Late effect),順手分享。該損傷極易漏診,藥品或化學物 質中毒(Poison of drug & chemical) 及併發癥(Complication)。

Etiology and Biomechanics of Midfoot (Lisfranc) Injuries …

Unfortunately, the limited biomechanical knowledge of this injury prevents prophylactic measures from being developed that could reduce an athlete’s risk of injury. The goal of this article is to summarize the literature on TMT dislocations, with a particular emphasis on the relevant biomechanics, in an attempt to clarify the circumstances and mechanisms under which these injuries occur.

Temporary Bridging of Severe Medial Column Injury of the Foot using Internal Fixation

 · PDF 檔案Medial column injury refers to a severe disruption of the pillar over the medial part of the midfoot that comprises Lisfranc frac-ture/dislocation, intercuneiform disruption, and fracture/disloca-tion of the talonavicular joint. The treatment algorithm includes:
Lisfranc injury
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Hash asks: Basically i suffered a – Lisfranc fracture club
Hash asks: Basically i suffered a fall playing football (soccer) on the 11th of april and the doctor suspected a lisfranc injury to the second metatarsal after doing xrays but after a ct scan he said
Cuboid Syndrome
Cuboid syndrome is an easily misdiagnosed source of lateral midfoot pain, and is believed to arise from a subtle disruption of the arthrokinematics or structural congruity of the calcaneocuboid(CC) joint, which in turn irritates the joint capsule, ligaments, and fibularis (peroneus) longus tendon.[1]Cuboid syndrome has been documented in the podiatric, orthopaedic, osteopathic, and
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Traductions en contexte de “Lisfranc” en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : She has succeeded – the very sight of her creations makes us smile! It’s the message that counts! Caroline Lisfranc has been playing with words for 20 years because as far as she is
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A Lisfranc injury is common among athletes. أرى أيضاً كسر ( ليسفرانك ) دقيقملتئم وسط القدم. I also see a remodeled hairline Lisfranc fracture in the mid-foot.

Most NFL players with injuries to the midfoot return to …

The majority of players who returned to the NFL (84.6 percent) sustained season-ending Lisfranc injuries, returning to the competition between nine and 15 months following injury.
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