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Chapter 5: Nested loops, Which loop to use?

Nested loops are useful when for each pass through the outer loop, you need to repeat some action on the data in the outer loop. For example, you read a file line by line and for each line you must count how many times the word “the” is found.
Loop Tracing Examples
Example 6 continues to use the nested loop structure of Example 5. In this case the output is derived from a relationship between the values of the outer loop and inner loop counters, specifically the result of multiplying n and q.The output result is an n by q grid that represents a multiplication table.
Nested for loop
Nested for loop – Java Example ProgramsIn the above example outer and inner are initialized to zero. For every increment of outer (i.e outer = 0, 1, 2) loop, the
Nested loops in C++ Programming
A loop inside another loop is called a nested loop. The number of loops depend on the complexity of a problem. Suppose, a loop, outer loop, running n number of times consists of another loop inside it, inner loop, running m number of times. Then, for each execution of the outer loop from 1n, the inner loop runs maximum of m times.
Nested For Loop in Java
Placing For Loop inside another For Loop is called as Nested For Loop in Java Programming. When you are working with multi-layered data, then use this Java Nested For loops to extract the layered data, but please be careful while using it. For example, when you
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Nested For Loops — Loops can be iterate in python A nested loop with in a loop that occur within another loop. syntax: f or (first iterable variable) in (outer loop): [statements] for (second iterable variable) in (nested loop): [statements] Exercise 1: Write question
Nested Loop Join Algorithm
 · Introduction In this article, we are going to see how the Nested Loop Join Algorithm works and when it’s suitable for a relational database system to employ it in order to execute an SQL JOIN query. Data Sets Let’s consider we have two relations, Post and PostComment, that look as follows:

Nested List Comprehension in Python: If-else, loop …

Open Image For example, if we want to double each item in any list then we will write it as: oldList = [3,5,7] newList = [i*2 for i in oldList] #newList = [6,10,14] See how simple and useful list comprehension is. Nested For loop List Comprehension We frequently need

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The Nested Loops You can also use a loop inside another loop in Matlab. There are two types of nested loops in MATLAB. The first one is nested for loop, and the other one is nested while loop. Here is the syntax of for loop in MATLAB for m = 1: j for n = 1:
Then by calculation it takes 100 unit of time for completion of i==j when in a nested loop. So it will vary as the values of i and j vary. We can be sure that i==j will be done in 1 unit time but we cannot know how many times i==j will be performed. If it is performed n

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For example, in the first line of output (when i is 1), this loop cycles for (num-i), which is 8 times. Similarly, on the second line (when i is 2), this loop cycles for 7 times. And finally on the last line, there is no empty spaces displayed, as the condition ( j<=0 ) for the loop is false.
Nested Loop in Java
4.5 The Nested loop In Java, one loop may be used inside another loop. For example, here are programs that nests for loops to display patterns: /** * This program displays a rectangular pattern * of stars. */ public class RectangularPattern { public static void main
Create Nested List in R (2 Examples)
As you can see, our final list consists of exactly the same sub-lists as the nested list that we have created in Example 1. However, this time we have used a for-loop to create our nested list. Note that we could also use other types of loops such as while-loops and repeat-loops to create a nested list in R.
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Since your example was not complete I used this ‘funny’ example to test the nested loop. Two synthesis tools I used did accept the description. Probably your synthesis tool can not handle nested loops. If you are using Max+Plus, which I think you are doing,

Tuning SQL to invoke nested loops joins

Forcing nested loop joins Vadim next tries forcing nested loop joins with the use_nl hint and discovers that the execution speed gets worse, not faster: Those query block names allow directing the hints to the query blocks where they are supposed to be applied.

Loop Selection for Multilevel Nested Loops Using a …

Loop selection for multilevel nested loops is a very difficult problem, for which solutions through the underlying hardware-based loop selection techniques and the traditional software-based static compilation techniques are ineffective. A genetic algorithm- (GA-) based method is proposed in this study to solve this problem. First, the formal specification and mathematical model of the loop