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Qantas Has A New Logo and New Livery!
Qantas today unveiled their new aircraft livery and logo, and it’s only the fifth update ever in Qantas’ history. The last update was done in 2007, when the airline received the A380. It’s no coincident, then, that the new logo and livery will accompany the delivery of

Here’s the new Qantas Aboriginal livery (Plus the …

Qantas have unveiled a new special livery on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner registered VH-ZND, their fourth aircraft to arrive. It adapted from an artwork by an Australian Aboriginal artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye (pronounced Emily Karma Nung-war-ray). The aircraft is also

What is Qantas’ special new livery announcement? – …

Qantas has this morning shared the news that it will honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians with a special livery on its newest Dreamliner to enter the fleet. After naming their latest Dreamliner last week, Qantas has unveiled the plans for its fifth design in the airline’s flying art series, which started more than 20 years ago, and will be unveiled when the Boeing 787-9

[A32NX] Qantas Link (2016) NEW LIVERY A320nx (FBW) …

[A32NX] Qantas Link (2016) NEW LIVERY A320nx (FBW) 8K is a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 mod created by UnitDeath. Download for free to enhance your experience in MSFS 2020. If you want, you can choose texture with mask or texture without mask. If
MFS 2020: Qantas Retro ROO I A320 Livery Mod
Qantas Retro ROO I A320 Livery mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. “Seeing this brand new aircraft in a classic livery inspires a real sense of pride in The aircraft’s modified retro livery is based on that first introduced on Qantas’s first 747s in 1971, most notably

Qantas Unveils Its Dreamliner Cabin Design and New …

The new livery is set to roll out through the Qantas network starting today with its digital assets, signage and advertising. Updating of its aircraft livery is expected to be complete in 2020. Are you going to try out Qantas’ new Dreamliner when it’s available? H/T:

Qantas 787 Dreamliner unveiled along with new logo …

Qantas has just unveiled its new 787 Dreamliner, which is set to arrive in a year’s time. Along with the extra-inch of space, economy passengers will get a bigger entertainment system and more

Qantas Link — Liveries for Microsoft Flight Simulator …

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Qantas 787-9 And New Livery Unveiled!
 · Today Qantas have unveiled plans for their new 787-9 aircraft which will be delivered this time next year. They haven’t yet announced the routes it will be operating on but have released the seating configuration. The aircraft will have 236 seats split into three cabins.
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New Qantas Livery?
New Qantas Livery? – Executive Traveller community discussion Saturday 20 Mar 2021 10:20

Brand New: New Logo, Identity, and Livery for Qantas …

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Airbus A380-800 Qantas New Livery VH-OQF Scale …

Produktinformationen “Airbus A380-800 Qantas New Livery VH-OQF Scale 1/200 w/G” Das Modell wird inklusive formschönen Kunststoff-Standfuß geliefert. Das …
PPC 1/200 QANTAS B787-9 (New Livery) – $39.99
PPC 1/200 Qantas B787-9 (New Livery) PPC Product Details PPC-Holland – 1/200 Qantas B787-9 (New Livery) PPC Holland BV, founded in 1978, is the largest supplier of aviation related gift items. We work with all the major aircraft manufacturers and we supply to …
Qantas Livery – PMDG 737NGX
 · I have just noticed the Qantas ‘new’ livery has the registration ZK-ZQE – this is a JetConnect New Zealand aircraft masquerading as a Qantas aircraft. There is a big push by AIPA (Australian International Pilots Association) to have Qantas aircraft crewed by Qantas aircrews and not the less paid, but equally qualified, New Zealand crews.
3D design Qantas A380 800 v2 (New Livery)
3D design Qantas A380 800 v2 (New Livery) created by Teo747 with Tinkercad